Welcome to KinkLab, a place where kinky visions are engineered into material reality in the form of high-quality, appealing, and functional products

The KinkLab team understands what kink is really about. They know it can be beautiful, erotic, creative, safe, fulfilling and fun. They enjoy designing, testing, packaging, and marketing products for their sexually-adventurous clientele. They believe in aesthetic design, fine materials, sound construction, and appealing packaging. Their mission is to deliver superior-quality products at affordable prices, working closely with an excellent network of distributors and retail outlets.

Their products and packaging are designed in the USA, and most of their production happens here as well. They have created packaging that displays their products clearly and honestly, and which represents the quality and durability of the product inside. In many cases the packaging is also reusable and provides a functional and attractive way for people to store their toys for future use... and there will be future uses, as their product is designed to last. They see their products as useful, desireable and fun, and we support their distributors and retailers by providing their well-designed catalogs and website to show their products in that same positive light.

They are committed to maintaining sound quality, and we will never sacrifice that objective in their effort to bring affordable kink gear to the mass market. Their products will do what they're supposed to do, and hold up to repeated uses and normal wear and tear. They want satisfied customers for their brand, their distributors and their retailers, and we will settle for nothing less.