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Jawbreaker Gag

Jawbreaker Gag


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A sweet new take on the traditional ball gag! The Kinklab Jawbreaker Gag replaces the classic rubber ball with real edible jawbreaker candy. Perfect as a reward, a gift, or a way to switch things up, the Jawbreaker Gag adds a little candy-coated fun to kinky playtime.
  • Adjustable Leather Straps
  • Made for Advanced Players
  • With Edible Plastic Bit


Brand Kinklab
Color Black, White
Material ABS, Aluminum, Leather



The jawbreaker ball gag offers a sweet variation on an item long utilized in fetish sex. Rather than strapping the classic rubber ball into the mouth, this new version uses a ball made from real, edible jawbreaker candy. This ball gag is sweet, fun, functional, and a little kinky.

Sweet and fun, but also functional (and a little kinky!) this mouth gag serves as a colorful entrée for those curious about BDSM or a novel substitute for regular practitioners bored with the usual ball gags on the market.

This gag's strap is comfortable, fully adjustable, and fits almost everyone.  A nylon tube threaded through the candy ball and secured to the soft leather straps makes disassembly for care and cleaning of this gag quick and easy. One size fits most.

Love the idea of a ball gag but find the taste of rubber a turn off? Kinklabs sexy combo of candy and bondage takes shape in this fun jawbreaker ball gag. Traditional adjustable leather straps hold the gag on the head, while a firm plastic bit spears a wide edible jawbreaker in the front. Made for advanced players, caution must be exercised when using the bit, as it will cause excess salivation; for safety, only use the jawbreaker ball gag in upright positions and ensure the wearer can remove quickly to avoid choking hazards.
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