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XR Brands

Tailz Black Bunny Tail Anal Plug

Tailz Black Bunny Tail Anal Plug


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Sweet and naughty do not eliminate each other. Add en extra element to your anal play with something new and different with the Black Bunny Tail butt plug from Tailz, and enjoy how kinky your little bunny will look like from behind.
  • Tapered Rounded Ridge Design for Added Stimulation
  • Perfect for Role Playing
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Body-Safe


Brand XR Brands
Color Black
Material Aluminum, Faux Fur
Length 5"
Insertable Length 2"
Width 1.1"



This furry tail will tickle your ass cheeks while every ripple of the plug fills your anus!

Push each of the bulbous ripples of this metal plug into your ass for incredible pleasure. When the whole thing is stuffed in your ass, you'll be treated with the soft, furry tail against your ass cheeks. You'll be instantly transformed into an adorable little pet for your partner to play with. The sleek, slippery metal will slide easily in and the only friction you'll experience will be from the perfect shape of the plug. The heaviness of the metal will enhance the sensation and create a greater sense of fullness. The temperature sensitive material can be heated up or cooled down for thrilling play, and is non-porous, easy to clean, and safe for all lubes and sensitivities.


She's shaking her ass at me and even though I'm laughing at her goofiness, I'm totally getting a boner. She's got nothing on but a pair of black bunny ears, black thigh highs, and the Bumble Bunny Plug. Finally, I've had enough and I pounce on her, pinning her to the bed and laughing into her ear, kissing her neck and shoulders, grabbing her ass. The furry tail is so soft against my hands that I can't keep myself from burying my face in it. I move down from the furry tail, my mouth searching for her soft little pussy. I lick it as she begins to moan, her toes flexing and cringing in their stockings. The tail is still in my face, pleasantly fuzzy against my nose. Suddenly she's racked with a jolt and I know she's getting closer. I stop and she emits a playful whine. I slap her butt and gently play with her tail for a moment, making her gasp and thrust her hips. I'm powerless to her; I put my face between her legs again.
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